Accident insurance

Accident insurance

An accident in your personal life is bad enough on its own. But it should not have to lead to financial sacrifices as well.

Your cover:

Accident insurance protects you against the financial consequences of an accident – either in the form of a one-off lump sum or ongoing benefits depending on the extent of the permanent consequences of the accident. The insurance cover is specially designed for you as a doctor.

An overview of selected insurance benefits:

  • Higher compensation schedule for doctors
  • Lump-sum benefit as of 1% disability
  • Accident annuity as of 50% disability
  • Cover for rescue and salvage costs as well as the costs of cosmetic operations and treatment at a health resort following an accident
  • Worldwide, 24/7 insurance cover
  • Consequences of infections and damage to health resulting from X-rays and laser beams included
  • Co-insurance for family members or employees possible