Health insurance

Health insurance

Take advantage of private health insurance or supplementary health insurance, and you can enjoy more extensive benefits that you yourself define. The good news for you as a doctor: members of your profession benefit from low premiums.

Your cover:

You will be treated as a private patient with a considerably more extensive catalogue of benefits than under statutory health insurance. Individual premium plans can be agreed depending on the scope of benefits and the excess that you choose.

Possible insurance benefits:

  • You will receive compensation for doctors’ fees up to the maximum rate or even above it
  • We will reimburse the costs of your medication and assistive devices
  • Depending on your tariff, you will be entitled to a double-bedded or single room and private medical treatment in the case of a hospital stay
  • We will reimburse the costs of dental treatment
  • Depending on your tariff, the costs of dental prostheses and orthodontic treatment will be partially reimbursed

Product sheets as PDF download

Daily sickness benefits insurance (PDF in German)

Long-term care provision (PDF in German)