Occupational disability insurance

It is not just your responsibility for your patients that makes your medical profession different from any other occupation. Your qualification as a doctor is generally your most important asset, too. Your family’s standard of living is fundamentally linked to your professional fate. In the event that you are unable to practise your profession, you lose your most important asset – with all the far-reaching consequences this entails.

Your cover:

You will receive compensation for loss of income as of 50% occupational disability that is expected to last six months or longer

Your insurance benefits:

  • You will receive monthly annuity payments at the level you choose
  • You avoid clauses that exclude payouts as long as you are still able to pursue other employment than your most recently practised profession
  • You avoid notification periods: you will receive your annuity payments without any waiting periods – regardless of when you report your occupational disability, meaning retroactive payments are also possible
  • You benefit from a flexible contract: if you get married, become a parent or set up a practice, you can amend your contract without having to undergo a new medical examination
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Product sheets as PDF download

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