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Brokerage mandate

Brokerage mandate

In order for us to fulfil our duty as a neutral insurance broker at your side, you must give us the mandate to do so. This governs the rights and obligations on both sides and enables us to obtain the most favourable offer for you and to insure your risk.


What is a brokerage mandate?

The brokerage mandate authorises an insurance broker to represent his client vis-à-vis insurance companies. In a sense, the broker is on the side of the policyholder – not on the side of the insurer – and is therefore independent.

Why a brokerage mandate?

We need the brokerage mandate so that we can represent you vis-à-vis insurers. It is the legal basis for us to contact the companies on your behalf and to provide you with the best possible service from Assekuranz AG.

What is specified in the brokerage mandate?

The brokerage mandate contractually specifies the cooperation. The mandate specifies the rights and obligations on both sides. For example, it describes the scope of services that we have to provide. It further regulates the duty of cooperation with which you as the client are entrusted and how we are liable for our services.

What service can we offer with this mandate?

We are neutral and on your side. We'll handle everything for you. We select the insurance coverage tailored to your needs from a wide range of offers. You have one contact person for all your insurance needs. We meet the deadlines for you and take care of the necessary changes in a simple and uncomplicated way on your behalf.

What contribution do you have to make?

You provide us with information and keep us constantly up to date with your life situation and personal plans. We will then work out your individual insurance plan together with you.